• June, 12th – 14th, 2019 Salerno, Italy

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Travel information

Travel documentspaspoort_hand_312_03

A passport valid for at least six months beyond the planned date of travel is required. For inhabitants of the European Union a passport valid till the date of return is required.

Since December 21, 2007, France is part of the Schengen Area, a zone without controls on internal borders which comprises of 28 countries. Third-country nationals may enter France if they are in possession of a valid travel document and a visa (if required). Council Regulation (EC) No 539/2001 includes the lists of third countries whose nationals must possess valid visas to cross external borders, and of countries whose nationals are exempt from this obligation.

You can find additional information about travel document requirements for your country here.

National currency

All prices for the congress are in Euros. The local currency in France is Euro. Credit cards or debit cards are generally accepted in hotels, restaurants, shops and some taxis. You can also use ATM’s to get cash.


Electricity in France is 220 volts, 50 Hz AC. The electrical outlets require Type C European plugs (with round pins). Sometimes you’ll find Type E plugs – but Type C plugs also work in these outlets so you are fine if you have an adapter that will work for the Type C plug type.



In the beginning of the summer (June), temperatures range from around 20°C to 25°C. Rainfall during this season is very low. June is a good time to visit Salerno as it’s not too hot or wet. For the actual weather, click here: Salerno 

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Tourist Information

Office de Tourisme et des Congrès de Marseille

Website Tourist Information

Public transport Salerno

Tram or bus


Salerno Emergency phone numbers

Dial: 112

Emergency calls from phone boxes are free of charge.

Access to Salerno

By plane

By car

Google Maps.

Practically anywhere in the city it may prove tricky to find a convenient parking place. So public transport is often the easy option for local motorists.

By train


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